1979 1st gig poster


1. "Four young lads from Hereford ! "
The band were founded 1978 whilst Rob ,Rich ,& Will
were Living in a flat above a greasy joe's "the Captains Cabin"
in Newport Gwent- Richard being at the art college across the road.

Steve the 4th herefordian stayed at the Captains Cabin on & off
then met up with the others at Stonehenge Free Festival and
decided around a fire and a full chillum to get a band together .
They were to be:
Ariel Arkenax (Steve) : Guitar & vox .
Wilhelm Cock-Roach Clippe (Will) : Synth .
Little Big Man (Rich) : Drums & bongos.
Rob Stoat : Bass.

The time was obviously now - but the place was the question.
Back at "The Captain's Cabin ",a founding place for this
magnificent venture was required & after much discussion ,
Rob suggested Bath where he had spent some time in the late 70's
- a place ,unlike Newport and Hereford ,where ,due to geographics ,
politics,etc, things could be made-to-happen.

Steve was living a nomadic lifestyle, moving between
Hereford London Newport and sites such as Mayhill & Tally Valley
so ended up being the  scout advance party
to go and establish contact with the natives.

He hitch-hiked to Bath ,busked in the city centre and sat in
the Hat & Feather until some-one offered a (bigish)broom cupboard
in a squat in which to build the new world conquering empire...

6 Cleveland Row was the first proper home for the chaps ,
enabling them to practise up a set of outlandish Psychedelic Tribal Punk Rock.

With the addition of Bridget & Claire on vocals, their
first gig was : Christmas 1979 Walcot Village Hall , Bath
50 " Special D. S. " spliffs were made filled with home grown weed
to be passed about free during the set!

1999 Reunion Poster by Chris Pink

There was actually a video made of the Stoats playing at the Free Festival at

Bath Rugby Training Ground. Along with Inner City Unit.

Some-one visiting down the row said they had seen it being played in a player in

Nepal I think it was & that was the last we ever heard of it !!!

Download mp3> demented stoats performance Inglestone Free Festival 1980

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